Keys-for-Kids with Marina

Keys-for-Kids with Marina is in Newton, Massachusetts. Email inquiries are welcome. Our phone number is 617-990-5722.

My name is Marina Gorny. For many years I have been teaching students using the Keys for Kids method. I have found the approach works with both individual students and small groups. Since the onset of COVID-19 I work with individual students and groups of two.

If you've ever wanted to learn how to play piano, Keys for Kids makes it as easy, fun and inviting as possible. The program includes time for improvising, picking up tunes by ear and playing musical games, which takes the drudgery out of drill work such as learning notes, intervals, chords, etc.

Group or Individual? What kind of lessons to take?

I offer group or individual lessons for beginners. For more advanced students I recommend individual lessons.

  • Group Keys-for-Kids lessons: A fun way for beginners to gain a solid foundation in basic musical concepts and skills. The lessons are interactive, involve lots of movement, singing, & competitive games.

  • Individual lessons for beginners: Sometimes individual lessons are more appropriate for a beginner.

  • Individual lessons for advanced students: Individual lessons offer exposure to different styles, allow students to focus on their musical preferences, from classical to popular movie tunes, musicals or jazz. Music theory, history and analysis are incorporated into the study of each piece.

  • The Keys for Kids method was created by Inga Magid. To learn more about the author, visit her "Keys for Kids" website.

What parents have to say:

My son started his private piano lessons with Marina in 2017 when we moved from Seattle to Newton. He has enjoyed the piano lessons at Marina’s very much! When he was a 2nd grader in 2017, Marina delivered innovative lessons in a fun way, which inspired his interest and enthusiasm in learning piano. Marina taught him piano theory by using flash cards along with games. I greatly appreciate her patience and all the help! Now my son is in 7th grade, and he has developed his skills as a pianist quickly. Marina has given him solid fundamental guidance in piano practice and theory, which will be something he can cherish forever. Thank you so much, Marina!

-- Yaya Jiang

Under Marina’s teaching, my children have grown tremendously in terms of their musicality. Not only do they learn the proper techniques, but they also develop deep music appreciation and understanding. Marina is a very knowledgeable and dedicated teacher. Her selection of pieces to add to my children’s learning repertoire is very well thought-out: a wide variety of beautiful music at the right level of challenge. On top of this, Marina sets high expectations on her students which make them work hard.

-- Phanwadee Khananusapkul

As parents with advanced degrees in music, we are very picky about our children’s music education. Marina’s Keys for Kids class is engaging AND effective, the best in the area. We are grateful to Marina for providing our daughter (starting at 4 years old) a great foundation in piano. Marina brings a joy of music and high expectations for young learners. We transitioned from her classes to semi-private lessons during the pandemic (over zoom), then weekly private lessons. Our daughter (now 8 years old) loves the piano and is progressing beautifully!

-- Rachel and Don Schechter

Piano with Marina has been life altering for our whole family. All 3 children started in group lessons as youngsters and progressed up to private lessons with all the responsibility that goes along with being a musician. Marina teaches a great balance of music theory and playing which has helped all 3 children pursue playing wind instruments in addition to continued piano with Marina. We have been extremely happy with how each child has been allowed to study piano with really amazing guidance and instruction from Marina. She has pushed them to be the best they can be, which has been extraordinary to watch and be part of.

-- Cecily and Magnus